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Conduit, divergent vine, and Tag + Jug Cider Co. brands are driven by the philosophy that you
can derive more from less. We believe that organic farming practices and a soft-handed,
minimalist approach in the cellar is the only way for a wine to achieve its fullest potential. We
focus on nurturing the soil and the vine, practice ancient wine making techniques, and pay
careful attention to our wines during the fermentation and aging stages. With the singular focus
of growing wines that vibrantly express and speak for themselves, rather than forcing flavors
and chemicals that are foreign to the natural process of making wine. Wine, made naturally, the
way the universe intended. Grown with love and raised with care. From our family to yours.

Conduit: Our Conduit brand is focused exclusively on Rhone varietals, which thrive in the rocky granitic soils of southern El Dorado Co.

Divergent Vine: We think of our divergent vine brand as a bit of a throwback to our backyard winemaking days, experimenting with different styles and grape varietals outside of the Rhone varietals. While some varietals are consistent from year to year within the brand (i.e. our Estate Primitivo and Tempranillo), divergent vine gives us the freedom to play with different grapes, styles, and local vineyards.

Tug + Jug Cider Co: Tag + Jug Cider Co. was born out of our desire to drink truly dry cider. This simple idea is why we approach our ciders and cider-wine hybrids with the same philosophies we do with our wines: strip away all the nonsense and let the fruit speak for itself. The result is expressive, fun, and completely dry ciders.