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Quenching and tempering is the process that strengthens and hardens materials like steel by subjecting the steel to the extremes of heat past the transformation range and then rapidly cooling (quenching) down the steel. The quenched steel is then returned to the furnace again at a lower temperature to temper the hardness. This produces a harder, tougher steel that’s stronger than the sum of its parts. It is this concept that Brennan Stover (One of Turley’s longest-standing employees and master viticulturist) has applied to his project: the vines were planted in 2013 during one of the most severe droughts in the last 500 years and were forced to seek out water in the hillside depths of the rocky Adelaida District of Paso Robles, California. He planted it at high density (2,000 vines/acre) and trained in the Échalas tradition found in the Cornas and Hermitage regions of the Northern Rhone valley in France. On 45+ degree slopes and with no irrigation, the vines represent extreme struggle and resiliency. — DRY-FARMED and ORGANIC.