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La Blanquettede Limoux is undoubtedly the oldest sparkling wine in the world. We know that in 1531 the monks of St. Hilaire produced Blanquette de Limoux.

From the beginning of the XVI century, Blanquette de Limoux makes an appearance as a renowned wine, which was different from all other wines of the time. It is cited in a variety of different texts; an irrefutable indication of its ancient origins.

One document dating from 1794 states that Blanquette was known and loved throughout France.

A government decree of 18th February, 1938 recognized Blanquette de Limoux officially as 'Appellation d'Origine Controlée'.

4500 hectares of land were designated with this 'appellation' in 41 communes around Limoux.

A government decree of 21 August, 1990 recognized, in addition, Crémant de Limoux as an Appellation d'Origine Controlée.

The vineyards of Limoux are situated in the far western corner of the Languedoc near the watershed, on land, which varies in altitude between 200 and 600 meters. This tempers the effect of the scorching summer heat.

From a climatic point of view, the Mediterranean influence is counteracted by the effects of the ocean. This guarantees optimum sunshine in addition to a balanced rainfall. We need to add to this the close proximity of the Pyrenées, to which Limoux has always provided a gateway from the Aude.

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