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Palmina husband and wife team Steve and Chrystal Clifton use old world methods with new world attitude to produce wines of distinction from Italian varieties. A great deal of their efforts are placed in the vineyard, where they are closely involved with all development and growing aspects of many Santa Barbara County vineyards producing Italian varieties. Purists at heart, the wines produced by the Cliftons are unique. All white wines are vinified in stainless steel, allowing the wines to show their incredible perfumes and aromas, while maintaining a lean mineral palate that complements food. Red wines are barrel aged in mostly aged oak barrels to allow the wines to demonstrate their beautiful flavor nuances and achieve a texture that is balanced in both. Keeping their production small allows them to continue their strong commitment
and zeal for creating high quality Italian varieties from Santa Barbara County.

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Current Releases:

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2016 Pinot Grigio, Santa Barbara County

2017 Rosato, Los Olivos District (April)

2015 Arneis, Honea Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley

2014 Malvasia Bianca, Santa Ynez - Larner Vineyard

2015 Cortese, Santa Ynez Valley

2016 Vermentino, Santa Ynez Valley

2014 Dolcetto, Santa Barbara County

2012 Undici, Santa Barbara County

2012 Barbera, Santa Barbara County

2013 Barbera, Walker Vineyard - Los Olivos District

2014 Alisos, Santa Barbara County (Sangiovese/Merlot)

2010 Nebbiolo, Santa Barbara (Blend of Stolpman, Honea, Alisos, & Sisquoc Vyds)

2010 Nebbiolo Sisquoc Vineyard (100% Nebbiolo)

2010 Nebbiolo Rocca Vineyard (100% Nebbiolo)

2009 Nebbiolo, Honea Vineyard (100% Nebbiolo)

NV Vermino Vermouth Bianco

NV Vermino Vermouth Rioja


2012 Pressed Malbec - Santa Barbara County

2015 Pressed Chardonnay - Santa Barbara County

2015 Pressed Pinot Noir - Santa Barbara County

2014 Pressed Cabernet Sauvignon - Santa Barbara County 

Library Releases:

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 2014 Tocai Friulano, Honea Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley

2014 Pressed Pinot Noir - Santa Barbara County





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